Recent works

Segmentation Performed

Olkiluoto 1FinSteam Dryer2008A
Olkiluoto 1FinControl Rod Shafts, 120pcs2009A
Olkiluoto 2FinControl Rod Shafts, 81pcs2009A
Forsmark 3SweControl Rod Shafts, 46pcs2009A
Forsmark 3SweControl Rod Shafts, 62pcs2010A
Forsmark 2SweCore Shroud Cover2010A
Forsmark 2SweSteam Dryer2010A
Forsmark 1SweCore Shroud Cover2011A
Forsmark 1SweSteam Dryer2011A
OlkiluotoFinSteam Dryer2012A
Forsmark 3SweCore Shroud Cover2012A
Grand GulfUSASteam Dryer2012A
Ringhals 4SwePressurizer2012B
Ringhals 1SweReactor Cap Cooling System2012B
José CabreraSpaUpper & Lower Internals2013A
Oskarshamn 3SweCore Shroud Cover2013A
Ringhals 4SwePressurizer2013B
José CabreraSpaReactor Tank2014A
Oskarshamn 3SweSteam Dryer2014A
Ringhals 4SweVarious Samplings2014B
Dan DecomDenTotal Takedown DR32013-2014C
Barsebäck 2SweReactor Internals2015-2017A
Swafo ABSweReactor Take Down R2 & R2-02015-2017D
Barsebäck 2SweSampling from reactor and reactor head2018B
Barsebäck 2SweSegmentation of reactor Internals2017-2018A
RinghalsSweSampling from reactor head2018B

Segmentation Contracted

Dan DecomDenTotal Takedown DR32014C
ChoozFraTotal Takedown, machines & support2017A
NeckarwestheimGerTotal Takedown, machines & support2017A
PhilipsburgGerTotal Takedown, machines & support2017A
Barsebäck 1SweReactor Internals2018A
BohuniceSloSegmentation of reactor and studs2019A

A = In partnership with Westinghose Sweden
B = In partnership with Vattenfall AB
C = In partnership with Danish Decomissioning
D = In partnership with Areva GmbH

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